ISCA Coach Certification Program

Applied science for an outstanding coaching career.

How it works:

  1. Create an account on the ISCA Education Portal.
  2. Register for ISCA Courses.
  3. Become a Member of ISCA. (Note: You may take any ISCA course without becoming a member. However, if you want to become a Certified ISCA Coach, you must join ISCA.)
  4. Complete the ISCA Core Courses and earn the first level of certification–the ISCA Bronze Shield. All course participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for each completed program.
  5. Upgrade your ISCA Certification by meeting the ISCA Membership and ISCA Continuing Education (ICE) requirements. You can also apply for special ISCA Star recognition based on your on-deck accolades.

Certified ISCA Coach (9 hours required)
Biomechanics B101 Biomechanical Foundations of Swimming (Havriluk) 1 hr
Biomechanics B102 Technique Checkpoints and Cues (Havriluk) 2 hrs
Sport Psychology SP101 The Zone & Sport Psychology (Heil) 2 hrs
Sport Psychology SP102 Mental Training: Psychological Prep for Racing (Heil) 1 hr
Physiology P101 Introduction to Physiology Applied to Swimming (Stager) 2 hrs
Physiology P102 Understanding the Role of the Heart, Lungs and Blood (Stager) 1 hr
Total Level 1 Certified ISCA Coach Certification Program 9 hrs